Cutting and edging all melamine, veneer, MDF, and chip boards.

Cut to Size has been crafting beautiful kitchen cabinets and cupboards since 1995

With more than two decades of cumulative experience, we have helped to design countless kitchen ideas.

Our team is made up of highly trained individuals, all working under our careful guidance to cut and edge a variety of materials, including chip, melamine, veneer, and MDF boards. Our friendly salespeople are eager to help you to bring your kitchen designs to life quickly and at the highest quality.

Our products span the entire range of quality, from highly affordable options such as chipboard to ultra-high-end products like the acrylic board that looks like glass imported from Austria.

Being a small scale cutting and edging workshop, we have some great advantages over our large scale kitchen cabinet and cupboard manufacturing competitors: our turnaround time for orders is almost always much quicker, and our quality of work is higher because we hand finish every panel, door, cabinet, and cupboard that we make.

You can always rely on us to help you with your kitchen design projects. We can fit you into our schedule while large-scale cutting and edging workshops will simply turn you away. We can help you execute your complex DIY kitchen job. We can always make a plan for you.

We put our reputation on the line with every job we do: impressing you is our highest priority. Contact us today and let us turn your kitchen dream into reality!

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