• 0.4mm, 1mm, and 2mm thick PVC edging.
  • Cutting and processing of all melamine, veneer, MDF, and chip boards.
  • Edging 16 mm and 32 mm boards.
  • Potting for all hinges.
  • Drilling 5 mm shelf pin holes.
  • High-quality glass cut-outs for doors and panels receiving glass.

All the doors and panels you order from us will be finished by hand, so that they fit perfectly flush with surrounding surfaces.

Cut to Size uses scoring blades – specialised tools which make use of two blades when cutting wood – to achieve a perfectly chip free finish.


We offer a wide range of products in our stores. If there is anything you need that we don’t have on hand, we can get it for you.

Our wood and melamine products are supplied primarily by PG Bison and Sonae, with different names and colour ranges for each. Our knowledgeable sales staff will happily help you to decide exactly which products are ideal for your application.

Melamine Boards:

Beautiful melamine face boards; a very popular choice.

Features a core of medium density fibre or chip board and melamine-impregnated décor paper surface.

Highly durable and water resistant.

High pressure laminate (surfacing material):

An exceptionally versatile material, suitable for all vertical or horizontal use.

Extremely resilient to damage.

Low maintenance and very easy to keep clean.

Produced in South Africa.

Square line or post form high pressure laminate tops:

Fashionable counter tops with cores made of chipboard.
Available from several different suppliers at a wide range of prices.
Highly resilient and long-lasting.

High gloss board (surfacing material):

Trendy hardened gloss surface.

Excellent colour consistency.
High gloss levels.
Exceptionally durable.
Made in South Africa.

Medium density fibre board:

The advantages of both manufactured board and traditional woodworking techniques.
Exceptionally strong.

Highly machinable with great screw holding ability.
Can be moulded, embossed, deep routed and edge profiled.
Excellent for use in veneer boards.

Wrap Doors:

A moisture resistant medium density fibre substrate vacuum bonded with PVC foil.
Continuous, highly resistant coating.
Very easy to clean.

Solid Wood Doors:

The classic elegance of real wood.
Made to your specifications.
Many different species of wood to choose from.


We supply DIY hardware for cutting, edging, and the manufacture of kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Our hardware varies from affordable to premium products.

Veneer boards:

A chipboard or SupaWood® substrate, with a thin decorative layer of natural wood stitched on top.


We have a variety of thicknesses available

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